I just moved to Melbourne with my family. Are there any apartments in Melbourne that offer kid-friendly amenities?

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Hammock Harbor
Hammock Harbor has a playground and pool for kids to enjoy during those warm months.

Melbourne is one of the fastest growing communities in Brevard county and is continuing to expand each and every day. Consisting of mostly residential areas, it's a great choice for your new home for your family. Melbourne offers residents tons of fun activities all throughout the city with lots of recreational sites and parks for kayaking, paddle boats, fishing, and hiking. Or take your kids over to the Super Flea and Farmer's Market and have them help you pick out some fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables. Finally, take them for a day at the beach and build sandcastles, make sand angels, and let them swim. That hot, Florida sun will wear them out quickly.

To find your kid-friendly apartment in Melbourne use our easy apartment search guide on Sunstateapartments.com to break down your choice of new apartment into a few options by choosing apartment communities and units with amenities great for kids such as: pools, playgrounds, and game rooms. To start your search first click “Search Now” and then down on the left-hand side you'll see the different criteria. Go to the section that says “Community Features” and you'll see playground and game room listed. Just click on the dot under “Yes” for which you'd like available to your new apartment in Melbourne. You can also go down to where it says “Sports and Fitness” and you can choose either swimming pool or resort-style pool and again click the dot under “Yes” for which of those you'd prefer. Once you make your selections, the site will automatically limit the options to the apartments in Melbourne with any of those amenities great for kids. Using this easy apartment search guide you can also search for other criteria that you desire in your apartment in Melbourne like: rental rates, number of bedrooms, if it's pet-friendly, or other amenities that you'd like in your home.

Sunstateapartments.com has now populated the options for your new apartment in Melbourne. Review them by evaluating where they are located, what they offer, what their rental rates are, and if they offer kid-friendly amenities for your little ones. Pick the apartment in Melbourne you think best fits your needs and contact them to find out more information or schedule a tour of the property and a unit. Finding your apartment in Melbourne should be a breeze so that you can focus on other more important things like how fast your children grow and spending every minute you can with them.


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