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At, we don't like to rely on luck, which is why we don’t expect you to either. How are you supposed to pick the perfect place from a list of dozens of apartments in Daytona Beach when you don’t know anything about them? You aren’t. We have created a website that provides you with the tools and information you need to narrow down those “unknowns” into viable options for you, with expert insight from our team of local residents. Among the many Daytona Beach apartments, there is one that fits you like no other; we make it our mission to help you find it.

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Even more impressive than our database is the team. Comprised of local residents, they have become experts in regards to Daytona Beach apartments. Not only do they have their own experiences in them, but they also have made a point of visiting almost all of the apartments in the area. This research keeps them updated on changes, so that they can better answer your questions. They've gotten so good at answering (and we've gotten so many questions) that we've actually compiled a collection of almost 250 FAQs, and this number grows every week! Whatever you need, from scheduling a tour to getting directions, this team has you covered.

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Apartments with Cable

Some TV shows just cannot be watched online the next day. Avoid the spoilers for the big game or your favorite drama by selecting one of the many Daytona Beach apartments with a cable connection. Who knows? Maybe you'll even find a place with cable included!

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Fitness Centers

There are dozens of apartments in Daytona Beach that offer fitness options. From onsite workout centers to group classes, there are plenty of places where you can live life to the fullest -- and the healthiest! You can take care of your body and your housing, all at once.

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Gated Communities

Especially when you're new to an area, a gated community can make you feel a bit more at ease in your new home. Fortunately, there are many Daytona Beach apartments that have this features. There's no need for you to compromise; we (and the gate) will help you relax.

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Apartments with Pools

What good is living near the water if you don't get into it sometimes? Finding apartments in Daytona Beach with their own pools means you get to take a dip whenever you feel like it… or you just have something nice to look at when you lay out in the Florida sunshine.