I’ve noticed that many apartments in Daytona do not allow my dog's breed, any tips on finding an apartment for both of us?

Many Daytona apartments are pet friendly and allow you and your four legged friend to live together in harmony. However, most of these apartments do have certain restrictions in place when it comes to what kind of four legged friends are allowed to live in the community. It’s never a guarantee that your pet will be able to live with you in your apartment unless they are a service animal. Some of these restrictions will be placed on the dog’s weight while others will be dependent on the breed of the dog, you might even find restrictions that are a combination of both. As a fellow pet owner I know how important it can be to find a home that both you and your four legged friend are entirely welcome. For most pet owners it’s not even an option of moving into an apartment that doesn’t allow their pets.

It can end up being be quite a frustrating search finding a Daytona apartment that will allow you and your dog to live together. Many breed restrictions are in place because those breeds are often considered “bully” breeds. It may seem unfair and unjust because I know that no one can truly judge a dog’s temperament until they meet them, but you have to conform to the rules of your landlord. You might tend to find more lenient restrictions at Daytona apartments that offer amenities like dog parks, or doggy clean up stations. Often times apartments with dog friendly amenities are more open to accepting four legged friends of all breeds. One of the best things you can do is present yourself clearly to the landlord. Let the owner of your Daytona apartment know you are a responsible pet owner and have every intention of cleaning up after your pet and keeping an eye on them.

Keep in mind that many pet friendly Daytona apartments may require a pet interview. This might sound silly but it helps the landlords understand what they’re getting into before they allow a pet to move in. They’re a lot more likely to agree to let your four legged friend move in if they’re well behaved and trained; no matter what breed. Quiet dogs are always a plus to management. Especially if you're living in a quiet apartment.

Another important step is not trying to argue over fees or deposits regarding your pet. Those fees and deposits are usually in place for good reasons in Daytona apartments. Often times apartment communities have been taken advantage of and are left with apartments that have been trashed by pets. You might even get luckier in convincing your landlord to let your four legged friend live amongst you by offering up a larger deposit, or agreeing to a monthly fee on the spot.

In the end the owner has a right to say whether your dog is allowed to live with you or not. Sometimes you may get luckier looking into apartment’s that are individually owned rather than those owned by large management companies. Single individuals have a lot more room to be lenient when it comes to what they allow in their community.

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