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Marie Freemole

Marie works at a craft store and is always looking for her next craft project. When she's not crafting, you'll find Marie in the kitchen cooking up one of her favorite recipes. Try her peanut chicken, and you'll soon find out cooking and baking are her real passion. A majority of her free time is spent trying new recipes from cuisines all over the world. She's spent a great deal of time exploring Orlando in some surprisingly unique stores searching for specialty ingredients to use in her dishes. You can also find her with her apron on baking everything from cupcakes to intricate breads. When Marie isn't being crafty, she loves a good night of just curling up on the couch watching (or re-watching) her favorite TV shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars. You might also find her out on a midnight stroll with her horse-like Great Dane who loves going for late walks.

Originally from a quaint town in South Dakota, Marie and her family made their move to the Orlando area very early in her life. She spent her time growing up in a quickly sprawling suburb of Orlando. To this day, she still lives in the area and is a self-proclaimed expert on Orlando and its surrounding suburbs. Most of her Friday nights are spent exploring new restaurants and finding unfamiliar stores to venture into. She can't wait to share her knowledge of restaurants, shops, and attractions you won't want to miss and is excited to put her Orlando knowledge to the test helping renters find their perfect new home in Central Florida.