I’m new to the area. How can I find an apartment in Daytona or Melbourne that is safe?

That’s a great question. I’m sure it’s one that is on a lot of peoples’ minds nowadays. Before your search, please keep in mind that no one can guarantee safety. Below are some things you can look for, but be sure to consider any additional factors that you may feel are important. Remember that crime has no address - it can happen anywhere. Keep these helpful hints and tools in mind when looking around for apartments in Daytona or apartments in Melbourne.

First, I would say a great start for your search for your Daytona area apartment would be to use Sunstateapartments.com's easy apartment search guide to break down your choices for your new safe apartment into a few options by choosing communities and units with crime prevention amenities such as gated access, courtesy patrol, and alarm systems. You can do this by first clicking “Search Now” and then down on the left-hand side you’ll see the different criteria that you can find for your safe apartment in Daytona and Melbourne. Go to the section that says “Community Amenities” and you’ll see there are options such as gated community, controlled access, and courtesy patrol. Also, go tot he section that says “Apartment Amenities” and find alarm system. Just click on the dot under “Yes” for those amenities you’d like to see in your safe apartment or new apartment community in Daytona or Melbourne. Once you choose, Sunstateapartments.com will automatically limit the options to Daytona apartments and Melbourne apartments with any all of those crime-reducing amenities you’ve requested.

If you want to go the extra mile, another way to find out if a Daytona area apartment will be safe is to contact the local law enforcement agency and inquire as to what the crime statistics are for that area where you are looking. They should have records of arrests as well as suspicious incidents and their knowledge will be incredibly beneficial in choosing the best fit for your safe apartment. You can also search for apartments in Daytona or Melbourne nearby a police department, if that may make you feel more safe at home. To do so, go to the Sunstateapartments.com easy apartment search guide again and click on “Search Now” and then go down to where it says “Distance from my location”. Put in the address for the law enforcement agency you’d like your safe apartment in Daytona and Melbourne to be nearby then slide the bar underneath to the amount of miles you’d like your apartment to be from the police department of your choosing. Once you do so, Sunstateapartments.com will populate all of the options of apartments in Daytona or Melbourne nearby that location.

Finally, something as simple as driving through the neighborhood yourself, during both day and night, will give you a good idea if this is going to be the right neighborhood for you and your lifestyle in your apartment in Daytona or Melbourne. It will also cut down on any surprises you might have that you wouldn’t have known had you not gone and looked for yourself. However, there are many other things you must think about. You must determine other safety factors on your own and look into those yourself before making a final decision.


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