Do I need to worry about bugs in Melbourne or Daytona, Florida?

Thankfully, lots of apartment complexes in Melbourne or Daytona come with pest control services included as part of your rent. Each complex has its own schedule, but if you ever run into a major bug problem, just call your leasing office and put in a request for pest control to spray. Pest control professionals aren't on-site all the time, however, so be prepared to wait a few days for a request to be answered. 

Be aware, however, that bugs are pretty prevalent in both Melbourne and Daytona and all of Florida for that matter). Prepare yourself for Palmetto bugs, mosquitos and lovebugs, plus your normal flies and ants. “Palmetto bug” is a slang term used in the South for adult cockroaches who are large and winged (they are often found on Palmetto plants, hence the name). They are attracted to lights and prefer damp locations like bathrooms. You honestly shouldn't have a problem unless your apartment comes with a screened in porch. It's definitely disconcerting to have a Palmetto bug fly at your face for the first time, but they won't bite or sting you.

The same can be said for love bugs—they won't bite or sting. You won't often find love bugs inside your apartment, but be wary of letting them stay stuck inside your car's grill. The body of a love bug is highly acidic, and as it breaks down, it'll start to take the paint off of your car.

The bugs to be especially wary of in your Melbourne or Daytona apartment are ants and termites. The little black kitchen ants aren't harmful, but they love when you leave out food and crumbs; even one small speck can send them swarming onto your countertops. Red ants, on the other hand, are nasty little bugs that aren't afraid to bite. Red ants aren't as prevalent inside Melbourne or Daytona apartments, but it's still smart to be wary of them.

Termites love to eat out the internal structure of wood. Most Florida apartment complexes get sprayed regularly, but if you notice saw dust-looking shavings near wood in your apartment, and you haven't been doing any home improvement projects, let the complex know immediately before the infestation gets worse.

 Bed bugs can spread quickly if not handled immediately. They are reddish, brown with oval-like flat bodies. Bed bugs often hide in bed frames, mattresses and box springs. The first sign of an infestation in your Florida apartment is often irritation on your skin. Do you all of a sudden have little red bites you don't remember getting?  Even if your Florida apartment has been previously checked, bed bugs love to piggy back into your home through luggage, clothes and moving boxes. Always wash your things after a trip, and never place your luggage on top of your bed to pack or unpack.

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