Are the beaches close?

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Hammock Harbor
Hammock Harbor is located near Cocoa Beach.

Are you thinking about living in an apartment near Brevard County? There are plenty of beaches throughout the Atlantic Coast County.

Many outdoor enthusiasts living in Brevard County Apartments enjoy the region's warm moist air and golden sunshine. The Brevard County coastline is the perfect location where many get to experience where the sea and sun meet. If you enjoy the surf and sand, living in an apartment near Brevard County may be a well-suited option.

Florida's Space Coast is home to several different beaches. Due part to the town's near perfect weather, averaging a cool 73 degree climate, many have nestled closely on the Atlantic shore line.  Brevard County and its homeland cities such as Daytona, Melbourne and Palm Bay  are well known as the "Capital of East Coast Surfing." Famous faces such as Kelly Slater have even called this Old Florida district his home.

Just as the state of Florida is known for its beaches, so is Brevard County. There are several beaches surrounding Brevard County apartments.

Just on the Southern tip of the County is Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach is a great costal town suitable for residential spaces and tourist hotels. This beach is one of the most popular places to enjoy Florida's best surfing, however, is one of the less crowded site year round. Although this particular shore is known more as a vacation destination, there are plenty of rental properties near the water. In additional to its beach view homes, there are several residential neighborhoods just on the outskirts of town.

Satellite Beach is conveniently located right off the main road in the county, A1A. Snugged tightly in between the Atlantic Beach and Indian River Lagoon, Satellite Beach is favored amongst families. There are several schools just near by and there is plenty of entertainment surrounding the area.

Melbourne beach is another well-known shore in the district. Affordable housing, entertainment and schools surround Brevard County apartments near Melbourne beach. Communities surrounding this part of the city have are older and highly reputable. Since the area has been rapidly expanding, more and more modern buildings have been spreading throughout Melbourne's downtown-historic district.

Cape Canaveral is easily recognized for its strength in the tourism industry, however, it is also home to some of the best outdoor recreational parks. There are thriving beach communities surrounding Cape Canaveral, and many of its coast turn into late night entertainment districts.

Beaches are located throughout the Brevard County region. If you live in either of its neighboring cities such as Daytona, Melbourne or Palm Bay, you will likely get to enjoy a Space Coast shore line within minutes of your home. From Cocoa Beach to Cape Canaveral, there are a handful of different shores to visit and take advantage of when living in this Florida city.

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