Can I decorate my apartment?

Daytona apartments come in variety of types, styles and sizes. Although many dwellings may not share your same taste in style, do not hesitate to modify your new apartment.

Many new tenants yearn to make their new rentals feel like a forever home. Conversely, a fair amount of properties come in a more standard style—blank white walls, bare cabinetry and tope colored carpet.  As I am sure this often is a deterrence in renting a specific apartment, many leasing contracts actually allow renters to make simple modifications to their units in order to make them feel more comforting.

Firstly, It is important to note that your contract agreement with the leasing community primarily dictates what you can and cannot do as far as altering the appearance and structure of your Daytona apartment. However, in a more general context, the average standard form contract between properties normally gives tenants some flexibility in regard to decorating their new crash pad.

When decorating your new abode there may be several things that come to mind. These décor items may include new curtains, pictures and paint. Normally, all of these decorating do's are usually permitted. However, it goes without saying that these minor details should be removed prior to vacating your unit at the end of the agreed to date. Therefore, if you decide to paint, be sure to paint your walls back to the color they were prior to moving out. Sure, this may seem like a nuisance, but it is the cost to be paid when renting. Additionally, any holes that were made from hanging pictures or art on the wall should be patched up or kept to a minimum.

Now all of these limitations on decorating should not create any sort of alarm. Most contracts allow for renters to be removed of liability for the normal wear and tear done to the property. Some holes made in walls due to smaller nails being sused to anchor décor may be included in this normal wear and tear rule. It is always advised to ask your landlord or management staff.

Although you are able to essentially decorate as you choose, there are tight restrictions on altering the structure of the home. This means making any sort of changes to the walls or infrastructure. Thus, be weary when you think about widening your closet or adding a bar top out on your back porch.

Be sure to take pictures before you move into Daytona apartments. These pictures should display the condition of your dwelling when you took residency.  If any issues were to arise, showing these pictures should help to clear up any discrepancy. Additionally, documenting the space may also help allow you to remember what the unit looked like before you moved it, ensuring that you reinstate it to the way it was before you made the changes.

Overall, it is common to decorate your new rental property. Although most communities allow tenants to partake in normal decorating techniques such as painting, there may be restriction on the modifications of infrastructure. Always be sure to check with your managing staff to determine what your contract does and does not allow you to do.

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