I’m moving to Melbourne, what fun water activities are there?

So you are looking at apartments in Melbourne and are excited at the prospect of living near the ocean. I can hardly blame you, living near the ocean is something that many people in this country don't get to experience. Aside from going to the beach, there are plenty of ways to take full advantage of your new home's environment.

If you are a person that just wants to cruise along the ocean and take in the scenery, you might want to look into renting. There are plenty of places that you can go in order to rent kayaks, canoes, or even paddle boards. Go out on your own, or with friends, and enjoy the rhythm of the waves beneath you.

Since you are new in town, you might also want to take advantage of some of the water tours. Near many Melbourne apartments and throughout the city there are kayak or canoe tours that residents can sign up for. This is a good idea for people who don't know where the oceanic hot spots are, or for people who have never used a kayak or canoe.

If you would rather indulge yourself rather than exert yourself, there are ways to cruise along the ocean without the strain or exercise. Melbourne offers several cruise options for residents and tourists alike. Dance, eat, and drink the night away on a dinner cruise, or lay out in the sun on the deck of a sailboat. No matter which of the Melbourne apartments you live in, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

If you are looking to move a little fast across the ocean waves, you may want to look into learning how to surf. There are several surfing tours and lessons for you to take advantage of during your time in Melbourne. Looking for something a little more extreme? There are kite surfing lessons too, for people looking to gain some serious speed.

Maybe as a resident of Melbourne apartments you may want to look into activities that take place closer to the bottom of the ocean. If you have an interest in scuba diving, there are several places in the area that you can go to in order to get scuba certified. Dive on your own, or sign up for a tour to show you the most popular diving areas.

If you would rather go diving as a one-time experience, and do not want to invest in getting certified, there is still an option available to you. Some diving places allow un-certified divers to still scuba dive in the company of a trained scuba diver. Check Melbourne listings and find out where you need to go to do what you want to do.

All in all, there are plenty of water activities to take advantage near Melbourne apartments. Living near the ocean is a great experience, and one that certainly should not go to waste. If you need help sorting through all the different apartments in Melbourne, make sure to utilize our search engine on Sunstateapartments. Let us help you find the best new home for you.

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