Will my credit, bad or non existent, keep me from getting an apartment?

Can having bad credit or no credit, keep me from getting an apartment in Melbourne, Fl? That depends, on how bad your credit is and the policies of the management company at the community you want to rent from.  Most management companies have policies in place that allow for people to rent from them if they have bad or no credit; including higher monthly rent and/or an increased deposit.  Or they might require a co-signor on the lease as a gaurantor.  Most management companies will work with you as much as they are allowed.  However, an eviction is a more difficult situation to deal with.  If you can avoid an eviction, you should try to do most anything to avoid one.  That is one of the most difficult situations for a management company to work with and some have policies against it.  If you have any questions, call the management office and ask them what they can do for someone in your situation.  They want to rent to you .
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