How much has grown in 2012? began in July of 2012 to help potential renters find the apartment that meets their needs and budget.  We take a very local approach and only help people locate apartments in Volusia County and apartments in Brevard County.  We are locally owned and managed, we do not believe that some big national internet company can properly serve someone looking for an apartment in Daytona Beach, Orange City, Melbourne, Fl, or Palm Bay; just few of the neighborhoods/cities we have on our site.  Our first week online we had 18 visitors, mostly my friends and family.  This last week we had 119 new, unique visitors; future residents of Brevard and Volusia counties.  By focusing locally we are able to help families, business professionals, and students find housing; down to the zip code.  Our growth for 2012 has been great, but 2013 is going to be even better.  Our goal for the first half of the year is to have 120 new visitors every 2 days.  Please take some time to use our site to its full potential and find the perfect apartment home for you.
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