Why don't all apartments accept pets?

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Preserve at Longleaf
Preserve at Longleaf is pet friendly and has plenty of space for a dog to walk.
Owners are not required to allow pets in their apartments.  Unless the resident has a service animal "i.e. seeing eye dog" and then is required to by ADA laws.  Most owners like to allow pets, because that increases the amount of prospective residents.  They also usually charge a pet fee upon move in and/or a monthly fee per pet.  The owners that do not allow pets, feel that the extra fees are not worth the damage that pets can cause.  Also, there is the problem of animal waste.  Make sure you know the pet policy before you move in.  If you already live in an apartment and are thinking about getting any pet, even a hamster, make sure to check your lease.  Some communities, have restrictions against all pets even a hermit crab.  On our site, we allow you to search by wether a communitiy allows cats and dogs.  If you have any other kind of pet, make sure to ask before you sign the lease.
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