I live in an apartment and I am going on a vacation, should I tell anybody?

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If you live in an apartment and want to go on vaction, your first instinct is to not let anyone know that you will not be home.  Because, you think if people know you are not there; they can break in and not get caught.  I however feel the opposite is true, that you should tell people you are going on vacation so that can keep an eye on your apartment.  First of all if you are friendly with any of your neighbors, let them know you are going and give them your phone number in case of an emergency.  They are going to be able to notice any problems especially on nights and weekends.  Secondly, let the manager of your community know you are going out of town and the office and maintenance staff will know if something is out of the ordinary.  Thirdly, call your local police department and see if they have a "vacation" program; were they will stop by and check on your apartment and/or neighborhood more often.

If you have someone coming over to water the plants or take care of your pets, make sure to let everyone you have told too.  Also, ask the neighbor to remove any flyers or take in any deliveries left on your door.  Don't leave on all your lights as this is a sign to would be criminals too. Who leaves all of there lights on at 3 in the morning when they are home?  Unfortunately, there are bad people out there and sometimes bad things happen.  So, do some preventative measures, but most importantly, go on your vacation and have fun.

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