Can I install an intruder / security alarm system in my apartment?

Alarm systems are available from huge corporations and local mom and pop businesses.  The same can be said of the monitoring options available.  The prices also range from free, (with a minimum monitoring contract of usually 2-3 years) and over a $1,000.  First you need to check with your management company if they allow alarms to be installed, because most require some drilling and wiring to installed.  Then if you move after only one year are you going to have the system removed and re-installed in your new place?  Also, some communities are already wired and or have systems installed and you just have to have them activated.  Some communities will even include the price of monthly monitoring in your monthly rent.  The newest type of security systems are wireless.  This makes them very easy to install and uninstall when you move.  They also don't even need a phone line to be monitored.  They can be monitored thru your wi-fi or they have a "cell phone" in the base.  One other thing to consider is false alarms, if your alarm goes off to many times most cities, counties, municipalities will fine you for responding to your false alarms.  So, in most situations, yes you can have a security alarm in your apartment.  It is just up to you to determine which type is the best type for you.
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