Can I sign my lease without going on a tour?

Deciding where you're going to live for the next chapter of your life can be tough when you're moving to a new city. Melbourne is a fairly large city with over 77,000 people, and finding the right apartment in Melbourne in the right area for you doesn't have to be difficult. We understand searching for a new place, especially in a new city, can be overwhelming but it won't be with help from

Depending on the area in which you plan to call your new home, there's a large variety of apartment styles. Apartments in Melbourne vary from beach communities to utility-included communities to family-friendly apartments. By narrowing down which apartment or apartments works best for you is simple thanks to our new innovative “Filter, Drag & Compare” tool. This tool allows you to select which apartments in Melbourne you're looking to live in and compares them side-by-side so you can see which one best fits your lifestyle.

Are you moving close to the beach or the West Melbourne? Narrow it down with the filters in our search – click on “Neighborhood” and you can easily decide which one offers neighborhoods appropriate for your needs. Click on “Apartment Features” and choose whether or not you'd like a balcony, a patio or wood floors. Your options are limitless! After choosing which Melbourne apartments suites your needs, there's plenty of information, images and floor plan layouts for the apartments listed. Each Melbourne apartment on our site has the right details to help you decide exactly what it is works for you. Looking through each place's details can help you save that trip of going to tour all these different apartments.

Now, the next step is up to you. If you live a good distance from your new city, in this case Melbourne, finding the time to get there and look at apartments can just be out of the options. Although you will have to make the time to sign the lease, you don't necessarily have to go tour your new home. If you've seen enough pictures and you know which layout and apartment you want, call the leasing office and see what you can do about applying (if necessary) and setting up the signing of your lease. If they allow it being over fax or over email, and you're comfortable with that then go ahead and skip the tour. Schedule your appointment to sign your lease and move into your new home on the desired date. Best of luck!

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