What are the most popular neighborhoods to live in near Daytona?

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Nascar isn't the only headliner in Daytona, in fact, this city is arguably one of the best places to live in Florida.  With several beaches in the area and your choice of laid back or fast paced neighborhoods, Daytona has the best of both worlds.

Altough there are several neighborhoods throughout the Brevard County area, we will focus on a few popular areas to help narrow down your search. Both offer unique characteristics to each Daytona resident.

Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach is a favorite neighborhood in the city. Similar to most beach towns, this neighborhood invokes more of a laid back environment. The town is much smaller than most and can even be characterized as a smaller “quaint” like town. However, that does not keep many from enjoying the neighborhood's recent revitalization. The town has redesigned the area to display local art, bringing a strong artistic culture to the region.

This part of town also thrives on its family friendly atmosphere. Although parts of the area tend to cater to the large tourist population, you will find that many locals spend most of their time outdoors. Ormond Bicentennial Park is a favorite amongst Ormond Beach residents. This park stretches a far as the Atlantic Ocean to the Haifax River. It covers over five ecological systems and provides guests with a variety of recreations activities including tennis, racquet ball, softball, picnic areas, and a fishing peer. The only down side to living in Ormond Beach is that nearby housing may be pricier than those located in Port Orange.

Port Orange

Port Orange

Port Orange has been a desirable neighborhood within Brevard County for years. Its reputation rests on its great schools and fast paced environment. This area is much more crowded than Ormond Beach, however, there is little need to ever have to leave this part of the city. There are plenty of Daytona apartments in the area, allowing residents to often experience lower housing prices.

Although many neighborhoods within Daytona are family-friendly, Port Orange is especially known for its suburb utopia. There is plenty of shopping and dinning in the area. If you are commuting to and from work, Port Orange has a close connection to I-95, making traveling in and out of town to be quick and easy.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is your typical beach town. This neighborhood attracts much more tourists than do Ormond Beach or Port Orange.  There is less to do in this area, and many locals prefer to live just outside of the beach. Homes located just near the water tend to be quite pricey and are some what remote from entertainment such as shopping and dinning, unless you do most of your shopping at local surf shops.

All three parts of town offer different benefits to each resident. Daytona Beach town does tend to be more of a tourist destination,  however, many families and new residents find that Ormond Beach and Port Orange are accommodating to nearly every individual's needs. 

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