Do I have to worry about hurricanes in Melbourne?

Mebourne apartments have a great balance of culture and diversity. Located in Brevard County, this tourist attraction is centrally located in the heart of Florida, allowing residents to easily commute to larger cities in the area such as Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami.

Often known as a family friendly town for its number of smaller towns surrounding the area such as Cocoa Beach, many residents rarely live in fear of the state's weather, even when surrounded by the costal shores.

One of the major pros to living in Melbourne apartments or the surrounding areas is the ability to be in such a close proximity to several popular beaches such as Vero Beach, Cocoa Beach and the Atlantic shores. Sure, most of the state of Florida does experience hurricane threats throughout the summer, however, many communities are built with precaution in order to avoid such storm surges.

When searching for your Melbourne apartment, you will quickly notice that many of the properties are built with hurricane shutters. Do not be alarmed. This is just routine precaution, as Florida in general does experience many thunderstorms throughout the year. With hurricanes also come plenty of warnings. The city has established evacuation routes and local shelters.

Hurricane season in Florida lasts from June to late November, with the heightened months of August to October. Although it is advised to plan trips around these months, many tourist flock to the area in disregard of the local warning. Albeit these few scares per year, the city has plenty of benefits to offer a new resident.

The schools in the areas are fantastic, all the way from grade school to higher education. However, there is a higher percentage of property taxes imposed as a result of the city's solid academic programs. The region's friendly enclaves offer affordable living in a laid back atmosphere with plenty of things to do from surfing to dinning and shopping. There has recently been an urban sprawl in the area turning the once historic downtown region into an expanding metropolitan affair.

Public transportation, however, is less known and running errands by foot may not be an option. Many grocery stores and coffee shops are within a close proximity to most neighborhoods, still resulting in convenience.

Overall, although some may question the ability to safely live in the city of Melbourne, many communities in the city of well built and designed to sustain such storms. Brevard county, in general, offers great homes and inviting neighborhoods to residents with a fair amount of entertainment and convenience. While the state does experience several months of hurricane scares, this hardly keeps tourist from venturing the town and rarely deters people from enjoying the best attributes of the city.

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