What measures do apartments in Brevard and Volusia County take to be handicap accessible?

Brevard and Volusia County apartments are required to take certain measures when it comes to their apartments being handicap accessible. This is great if you yourself are handicapped or you have a loved one that’s handicapped. When living with a handicap having an apartment that accommodates you is of the utmost importance. Luckily there are quite a few measures Volusia and Brevard county apartments take to make sure they are accessible to everyone.

One of the first steps Brevard and Volusia County apartments take to make themselves handicap accessible is to make sure they have an accessible building entrance on an accessible route. This is highly important for those in wheel chairs or those who aren’t able to climb many steps. An example of these accessible entrances and routes would be a ramp up to the building with handrails, perfect for a wheel chair to navigate. They might also include an elevator in the building if there are handicap accessible apartments on a higher floor.

Apartments in Volusia and Brevard County also provide handicap accessible common use and public areas. This means places like the clubhouse or other community amenities will be equipped with accessibility options that make it easier on those who are handicapped. They also provide usable doors for all those who are handicapped including those in a wheel chair. Many times these doors will be automatic or can be opened with a push of a button. Other times this might mean that the door knob is lowered so those in a wheelchair can reach with no problem.

Having an easy way into and around your apartment is absolutely necessary for anyone. This means that the doorways, hallways, and space in general should be easily accessible to anyone, including those with a handicap. This might include wider doorways so those in wheelchairs can maneuver through doorways with ease. You’ll also find that light switches, air conditioning controls, electrical outlets, and other environmental controls will be located accessible to any handicap; including those in a wheel chair. Usable kitchens and bathrooms will also be provided to anyone with a handicap. This might mean lower counter tops, easily accessible sinks, and more.

Reinforced walls in bathrooms are another plus. With the addition of reinforced walls it gives one an opportunity to install the use of grab bars in the bathroom. These are especially important for those who need some assistance when it comes to getting up and down.

Brevard and Volusia County apartments strive to make improvements all of the time when it comes to making their apartments handicap accessible. When looking for an apartment in the area you may find that certain apartments come equipped with even more features catered to make the lives of those that are handicapped fair and equal.

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