Whats better in an apartment, Cable or Satellite?

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As with most things in life the first thing most people look at is the cost.  Most cable companies, in Brevard County and Volusia County, bill on a monthly basis. Generally, satellite companies are usually a little less expensive.  With some satellite companies you can pay an annual fee, instead of monthly payments, and save even a little more money.  From there the comparison becomes a little less clear.

Cable is usually pre wired into apartments with an outlet in the living room and each of the bedrooms.  With cable the reception is rarely a problem, even in the most severe of storms.  Most cable companies also include internet service as a bundled package; some even include a phone line; giving a discount on the bundled packages.  Usually making the cable company an affordable, one stop shop for everything you need in your new apartment.

Satellite requires a dish, to receive the signal, to be placed outside and have an electrical outlet to be powered from. Giving you one outlet, wherever the dish is located, to connect to (usually in the living room).  More outlets can be added to the system, but it requires running new wires/cables.  Apartment communities have rules as to the placement of dishes; most will not allow the dish to be permanently mounted on the roof, siding, or balcony.  Depending on where you live in Brevard County or Volusia County, your particular apartment also has to have the correct exposure to the sky.  If you have a north west facing apartment on the first floor, you are probably not going to be able to set up a dish to pick up a signal from the south eastern sky.  Also, during bad weather the satellite can lose signal, meaning you could miss the big game if there is a bad storm locally.

Apartments are usually built under the assumption that all the residents will use the pre wired cable installed.  So, as a general rule of thumb most people who live in apartments in Brevard County and Volusia County use cable for television.  However, in some rural areas of Brevard County and Volusia County the cable company may have limited access.  In these areas, Satellite is becoming more popular.

As technology continues to change, who knows what tomorrow brings.  More and more people are watching movies over the Internet and live TV is starting to become available over the Internet too.

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