How do I know where I should live?

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When first searching for Brevard County Apartments, you may quickly come to realize how difficult it may be to gauge the character of an unvisited city. When relocating to a new town, gaining information to learn and conceptualize each aspect of the city's inner workings may seem like an impossible task. However, being the core of Florida's tourist attractions, Brevard County has become an easily recognized region.

Brevard County apartments are most notably known for its family friendly environment and easy accessibility to the beach. The area sits along the cost of the Atlantic Ocean and is coextensively made up of Palm Beach, Melbourne, and Titusville.

Although each city within the county has a different set of characteristics unique to its district, there are many similarities blended throughout the neighborhoods. First, most parts of the town have a wide variety of Brevard County apartments. Meaning, most residents have a selection of luxury apartments, modern lofts, and oceanic views to choose from. Traffic is essentially dispersed throughout each town depending on which area of the county you decide to live in. However, for the most part, you will find that commuting in and out of town is fairly easy. The major distinction between the three cities may be its social surroundings.

For example, Melbourne is made up of a much more “city feel” then its surrounding neighbors. This city is made up of a dynamic mix of shopping malls, theaters, and restaurants. Just off of I-95, Melbourne is a short commute to Orlando. This part of town will have more traffic than in other areas. Many of the roads tend to be narrow and public transportation is subpar for that of an equal sized city. However, there are many great schools in the area, and the city continues to thrive on its economical growth.

Titusville is a much smaller city.  This city has two access ramps onto I-95, helping to alleviate the traffic congestions that are actively present in Melbourne.  The town is much more laid back than Melbourne, consisting mostly of marinas, shops, condos, and parks. House is arguably quite affordable in Titusville and many residents enjoy taking advantage of its small town feel.

Palm beach may be the most known city of the three. Reputed with its high-end real estate, many residents enjoy West Palm Beach's fine dining and luxury living.  You will find less tourist and more natives in this area, however, the city is still fairly lad back.  West Palm beach tends to be the perfect blend of Melbourne and Titusville, amalgamating beach and city as one.

Overall, Brevard County has several different regions to consider when moving to the area. From small town feel to a decent sized metropolis, most find many of the neighborhoods accommodating. Although each part of town can vary in price and features, factors such as traffic and entertainment can easily help on weigh the benefits and burdens of each town.

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