Should I be worried living by the water in Florida?

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Grand Oaks
Grand Oaks is 6 miles straight inland from the beach.

Living in a coastal city like Melbourne has a lot of benefits, the sun, sand, activities, entertainment, it's no wonder these areas are in high demand and residents are always out and about. Being in Florida, the Sunshine State, most expect the warmth and sun, but not the thunder, dark skies, lightning, and of course, hurricanes. This warm air brings a number of thunderstorms and wet summer seasons; however, don't worry, Florida residents are pretty much pros on how to handle these types of situations. Since you're living on the coast you will likely experience more storms, but there are definitely ways to stay safe. Most residences in Florida have storm shutters to protect windows and during the hurricane season you can easily find plywood or sand bags to help prevent the elements from making their way into your home. In the event that a storm is too strong, you may need to evacuate. If that is the case, you can migrate inland for shelter in other neighboring communities. These types of storms are usually unlikely.

Now, if you're still concerned about living near the water keep in mind you can first consider moving more inland. This can be an easy task using in Melbourne. Melbourne has plenty of communities that offer what you want and need from rental rates, number of bedrooms, pet-friendly options, and finally if they are more inland from the beach. To view the available options, go to the easy apartment search guide at in Melbourne where you can customize your apartment search. Click on “Find Your Apartment” and once you get to the next page go down on the left where it says “Distance to a Location”. You'll see you have the option to input an address. This is where you would pick a business on the beach that you'd like to be nearby and input that address. Once you do, then decide how many miles away from that business or the beach that you'd like to be away. Once you figure out how far inland feels safe to you, move the triangle to reflect the range in mileage you find acceptable. At this time, you can also browse the other categories and choose any additional preferences for your apartment in Melbourne. Once you have chosen those specifications > in Melbourne will populate the options of the apartments in Melbourne that are within that mileage from the beach and have the additional preferences that you have requested.

Another way to assure you'll be happy in your new apartment in Melbourne is to speak with your leasing office or community staff about your concerns. They can best educate you on what preventative measures they take as well as what their response would be to a hurricane, flooding, or severe storm. Also ask these communities or investigate your routes to and from work or school. If you have a concern about storms and flooding you may want to avoid bridges or lower grounds susceptible to flooding. Finally, you can also always drive through each community in the day and nighttime or talk to neighbors or residents and see what they think. These personal experiences are the best way to decide which is going to be the best apartment in Melbourne for you.


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