I am allergic to my new roommates pet; what should I do?

So you and your future roommate are looking at apartments in Volusia County and you are concerned. You are concerned because while you get to live with your friend, you also have to live with their animal, which you happen to be allergic too. While the severity of your allergy will ultimately determine how things are going to go, there are some things you can do that might make this situation a bit better.

Being allergic to your roommates pet is all about compromise, mostly on your roommate's part. Your main compromise was allowing the animal to come with you into your new home in one of the Volusia apartments, but there is another compromise you will have to make. Many people who are living with animals that are not their own try to set guidelines, which is ultimately what I encourage you to do. There is one guideline I do not recommend imposing.

While there needs to be restrictions for the animal, I encourage you to not force your roommate to limit the animal to his or her room. If the animal is a cat or dog, this is just unreasonably cruel. Just like people, animals need space to be able to move around and explore. This compromise, however, can only work if your roommate abides and follows by certain guidelines to ensure that the home you share is livable for the both of you.

The first guideline that your roommate must follow is in regards to cleaning. Your roommate must be willing to vacuum the living area at least two to three times a week. This is especially true if you are living in one of the Volusia County apartments that has carpet. Carpet traps all of the dander and the hair, which will make it so that you never want to come home.

If you have not already made your apartment choice, I recommend that you find a complex that offers Volusia apartments with wood floors. Living in an apartment with wood floors will make this situation a thousand times better. Your roommate will still need to vacuum, but you will have a much easier time breathing.

Another guideline that will make breathing a lot easier in your new home is related to the furniture. Your roommate needs to train his animals to stay off of the furniture in the living area. The couch is a piece of furniture for you both to enjoy, which will not be able to happen if it is covered in animal hair. Training a dog to stay off of furniture is really easy, but if your roommate has a cat it may be more difficult as cats like to get off of the ground. Tell your roommate to provide the cat with alternatives, and eventually you should not have a problem.

The final guideline I can give you for living with a walking allergy is to keep your room closed off at all times. Your room is for you, and there is no reason why your roommate's animal should be in there. Keeping your room animal free will ensure that you are able to sleep properly, and function in your daily life. Don't give up your sanctuary.

This is all the advice I can really give you for living with your roommate's pet. It may be a little rough in the beginning, but as if you roommate follows these guidelines it should turn out alright. If you haven't already chosen where you are living and need help looking through Volusia County apartments, make sure to utilize our search engine right here at Sunstateapartments.

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