How can I fix my Internet connection at Melbourne apartments?

Whether you are a student or part of the workforce, living in today’s world means you are heavily dependent on the Internet. Staff members at Melbourne apartments understand this, and try to ensure that all residents have a stable, fast Internet connection at all times. The Internet, however, can be difficult sometimes.

Sometimes when you really need the Internet, the connection might start acting up. In situations where your Internet is extremely slow or is not working at all, it might be helpful to know that you can do something about it on your own. An apartment complex’s staff works to help everyone in the complex, so knowing how to fix your own Internet can save a lot of time.

Regardless of which of the Melbourne apartments you are living in, you will most likely be using a modem to router setup. A modem is the device that plugs directly into the cable and translates the information that shows up the computer. Essentially it is your main device for connecting to the Internet, and must be connected directly to your computer to provide an Internet connection.

In order to get a wireless connection in Melbourne apartments, we use a router. A router connects into the modem and creates a wireless signal that others can connect to. This device can also be plugged into directly, as it has several free ports open in the back.

Now when you are determining the source of a bad Internet connection, you should distinguish if the issue is with the modem or the router. The easiest way to do this is to plug a computer directly into the modem. If the Internet connection is slow than the issue is with the modem, and if it is fast then the issue is with the router. If there is no Internet connection at all, then it is a modem issue.

If you are experiencing an issue with your modem in one of the apartments in Melbourne, the best thing you can do is reset it. Disconnect the modem from the router and turn it off for a period of at least a minute. Turn the modem back on and wait for all of the blinking lights to turn solid. Connect your computer to the modem and see if you have a fast connection.

If you do not have a connection or if your connection is really slow when using the modem after a reset, you can try resetting it again. If after two or three resets nothing happens, then you will need to find out which cable provider is servicing your Melbourne apartment. Call their technical support, and have them restart your connection for you.

If your Internet connection problem is with your router, the best thing to do is to disconnect all devices connect except for one computer. Disconnect your phones, tablets, e-readers, gaming devices, and more. Some routers can manage more devices than others, so sometimes we overload it with the amount of devices we have. If you see a drastic increase after disconnecting all these devices, then you need to find the device threshold that your router can handle.

If after disconnecting your Internet speed does not increase, then it is more of an issue with the router itself. You can either edit the settings of the router by connecting to it directly, or go buy a more updated one. A simple Internet search will show you how to edit your router settings safely.

All in all, whichever of the Melbourne apartments you choose to live in, you should have no problem managing your Internet. If you are still having trouble, make sure to contact maintenance as they are there to help you. Hopefully you won’t have too many Internet issues in your new home.

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