How to live greener in an apartment.

Start by doing your search for an apartment online, preferably on, to narrow your choices down before you get in the car.  You should be able to narrow it down to two or at most three communities you would like to visit.  Upon visiting the communities you have chosen from your search, just ask them what they are doing to be a greener community.  Most management companies have green initiatives for their communities.  They are using flourescent lightbulbs, energy star rated appliances, and doing preventative maintenance on HVAC equipment.  See if they offer recycling at the community.  Newer communities are being built with double pane insulated windows and older communities are adding them when they do renovations.  Most have gone to low flow shower heads and water saving toilets, too.  

Things you can do to live greener in an apartment.  If you have a programmable digital thermostat, take the time to learn how to program it and use it.  An oldy but goody, turn off lights when you are not in a room.  Use the ceiling fan, instead of turning the air down.  Make sure to let the management team know if any of your faucets are leaking.  Walk or ride your bike whenever you can instead of using your car.  Like when you go to check your mailbox.  Buy a filter for your kitchen sink and drink your own filtered water, instead of buying bottled water.

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