Living in Melbourne, I’m minutes from the beach. How can I find apartment with a tanning bed to keep my sun kissed glow all-year-round?

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Grand Oaks Apartments have a tanning bed and lots of places for residents to be able to get a little sun.

Living in a coastal city like Melbourne has a lot of benefits, the sun, sand, activities, entertainment, it's no wonder residents are always out and about. Being in Florida, the Sunshine State, most often times residents have a year-long tan. There are however, residents that during the cooler months don't get much sun or are too busy to devote time to getting a tan. That's why tanning beds have become more popular over the last few years. Because of this popularity, more and more, apartment communities are offering tanning beds as a community amenity for their residents to use. Finding a Melbourne apartment with a tanning bed will be easy, here's how to get your search underway.

Melbourne has plenty of apartment communities that offer what you want and need from rental rates, number of bedrooms, pet-friendly options, and finally if they offer a tanning bed. To view the available options, go to the easy apartment search guide at where you can customize your apartment search by a number of different choices: number of bedrooms, apartment or community amenities, lease length, and rent price. Click on “Find Your Apartment” and once you get to the next page go down on the left where it says “Sports and Fitness”. Click on the circle under “Yes” next to “Tanning Bed”. At this time you can also choose any additional specific apartment or communities amenities you'd prefer to have in your Melbourne apartment. Once you have choosen those specifications will populate the options of the apartments in Melbourne that have what you have requested.

Another way to assure you'll have a nice glow all-year-round is to make sure your Melbourne apartment also has a community pool or outdoor amenities like basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, racquetball court, hot tub, etc. All of these outdoor activities will put you in the sun giving you the opportunity to get a little color. Once you've finalized all of the options you'd like in your apartment, take a look at the ones left: their location, what amenities they offer, and rental rates and select the one in Melbourne that is the most appropriate for you. Once you've decided, or you get it down to a select couple options, call them up, find out what specials, if any, they offer, schedule a tour, and then pick one. Now you have your apartment in Melbourne that can help give you that effortless color!


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