I want to decorate my apartment in Daytona, but want to avoid fees and fines. What are my options?

Once you find your apartment in Daytona, you'll want to decorate. Decorating is an important part of the nesting process and is essential in turning an apartment into a home. All apartment communities have different policies in regards to decorating. If you have specific ideas in mind, ask before you rent. It is always better to ask before you changesomething rather than after because you could be unintentionally breaking the terms of your lease.

Painting is one way you can really change the lookof your Daytona apartment. Most apartments will allow you to paint given thecaveat that you must paint it back to the original color before you move out.With this in mind, you may consider painting only an accent wall in yourapartment. This will save you on time and materials. It's obviously easier topaint one wall rather than four. Something to consider when painting your Daytona apartment is the depth of the color. It is a necessity to think about the repainting process. If you paint your walls hunter green, while it will look elegant during the term of your lease, this will be a task of epic proportion to cover up.

For those of you who are not allowed to repaintyour apartment, or have zero desire to deal with painting and repainting,hanging pictures or artwork can turn blank walls into something out of Home and Gardens magazine. But, BEFORE you hang anything, read your lease or ask your landlord what the hanging policies are. Again,it is much easier and less expensive to find a decorating alternative rather than getting slapped with fines or not getting your security deposit back. Some apartments in Daytona will not allow any nail marks in the walls at all. But, noneed to fret. There are plenty of alternatives to hanging items such as hanging strips. These adhesive strips can be found to hold a variety of weights, and,if used correctly, will not leave any marks when taken down.

If you would prefer not to hang or paint anything on your walls, there are a plethora of decorating options that you can turn to.Small pops of color through furniture and accent pillows can really add a touch of home. Rugs can also make a huge difference. If you have a small amount of space, consider using mirrors to decorate. This creates the illusion of extraspace. Patterned curtains or tapestries can replace the need for painting in aninstant and serve as an accent wall. Do a little bit of research and you aresure to find some appealing and inexpensive ways to spruce up your newapartment in Daytona.

Decoratingin your apartment in Daytona doesn't have to be a hassle or stressor. Find out up- front what the rules are and you can design your interior accordingly.


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