I’ve heard Daytona is hot! How can I stay cool?

Florida is warm almost all-year-round, and in the summer it is definitely HOT HOT HOT! Living in a beach town does give you some relief since you get that nice ocean breeze, but occasionally there is still the need to escape. Residents do try to spend the majority of their time indoors, for their health and happiness, but the beautiful weather makes it so tempting for residents to migrate outdoors to enjoy it. There are plenty of different ways Floridians can stay cool. Staying indoors is definitely one, enjoy the air conditioning that your apartment in Daytona provides and use it as your chilly getaway when the temperature gets too hot to bear. Another option is to find an apartment in Daytona that has a community pool. Having a pool on property can give you a fun, outdoor activity, which also gives you some relief from that sticky, sweaty skin and scorching sun. Finally, another option is to read a book or chat with a friend on your screened-in porch or patio. That way, you can enjoy the outdoors but still have accessibility to a ceiling fan and some shade or you can pop back into your home for a quick break.

Daytona has copious options of apartment communities that will offer you everything you'll need in your new home. From rental rates, number of bedrooms, pet-friendly options, and finally ways to keep cool, there are plenty of different options from which to choose. To start your search for your new home, head to the easy apartment guide at SunStateApartments.com in Daytona where you can tailor your search by whatever preferences you choose: number of bedrooms, lease length, rent cost, or certain apartment or community amenities. Click on “Find Your Apartment” then go down on the left where it says “Sports and Fitness”. If you click on the plus sign next to the title you can specify what amenities you want available in your new apartment community, like a pool. Also, as previously mentioned, you can search for a patio or screened-in balcony using this tool, by going to the section that states “Apartment Features” and click on the circle next to the features you'd like to have in your apartment. Once you choose those specifications SunStateApartments.com in Daytona will populate the options of the apartments in Daytona that have what you have requested.

You can keep cool and decrease the uncomfortable roasting feeling by doing other things like heading out to the beach. Apartments in Daytona are minutes from the beach so it's a great asset to use to your advantage. Head out and surf, paddleboard, swim, scuba dive, snorkel, etc. There are tons of water activities to keep you cool! Another way to have fun in the heat is to grab a few friends and head out for ice cream or frozen yogurt, catch up on what's going on in each other's' life or current events. Head out to the Brevard Zoo and learn and play with animals! Finally, if you have to venture out to go to the park or want to hang out in the heat, try to head out in the early morning hours when it's cooler and make sure to wear lots and lots of sunscreen.


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