Find a Melbourne or Daytona Apartment to Match Your Lifestyle

  • What size apartment do you need?

    Melbourne apartment communities and Daytona apartment communities offer a lot of floor plan choices. You can choose any size from a private studio apartment to a large 4/4 with roommates.

    Before you start looking for an apartment, think about your life style and what you want. Do you prefer to live alone, or with roommates? You will pay less rent with roommates, but it can cause a conflict if you don't live together well. Also, think about the size of your furniture and how it will fit in the space. Some apartments may simply be too small. If you aren't sure, measure the space! If you have pets you will need to think about their needs, too. Will they have enough space and do your roommates have pets? What about extra storage space? Check to see how many closets the place has. Imagine where you will put furniture, linens and cleaning supplies to make sure you will have enough storage space.

  • What type of amenities do you want?

    One of the best parts about living in an apartment is all the amenities that you wouldn't be able to have in a rented home, and you don't have to deal with the up keep! You get to enjoy all the perks without having to worry about the hassle and cost.

    In Melbourne apartments and Daytona apartments, you can expect most to have a swimming pool. You will find everything from a standard size pool to large resort style pools with a hot tub. Some complexes will also offer a club house where you can shoot pool, relax with a cup of coffee, surf the web, or watch a movie in the theater. Families will want to look for a place with a great playground to keep the kids entertained. If you have pet, look for a place that offers a dog walk or a fenced in dog area. Like to keep in shape? Many complexes have an on site gym.

    There are some smaller amenities you might not even think about that can make living in an apartment so convenient. Some Melbourne apartments and Daytona apartments offer trash concierge service so you can leave your trash at your door and skip the walk to the dumpster. Are you obsessive about keeping your ride clean? See if they offer an area to wash your car.

    When comparing rent prices, consider the amenities each choice offers. For example, can you cancel the expensive gym membership and work out at home? You might still save money versus a less expensive complex with out a gym. And, you might find that a few extra dollars a month to enjoy a balcony with an awesome view might well be worth it.

  • Find the Perfect Roommate

    Did you decide that you want to live with a roommate to save money or maybe just to have company around the house? If you do not already have someone to live with, you will need to find a roommate. Some communities will offer roommate matching, which can be a very useful tool. If you would rather find a roommate your self make sure you ask prospective roommates questions about their life style.

    This is a person you could potentially be living with for the next year, so don't be afraid to ask about their habits. This is important even if your new roommate is a friend or acquaintance. What schedule do they keep? For example, do they like to party all week while you need to sleep early? Do they have pets? Are they clean or messy? Do they like to have people over while you like to be home by yourself?

    Some Melbourne apartments and Daytona apartments will allow you and your roommate to sign separate leases, which means you will not be liable for their portion of the rent. Not having to worry about your roommate paying their part of the bills can also make living with some one much easier. If you have the option to sign separate leases use it.

  • Family Friendly Apartment Features

    If you have a family, you are probably looking for different amenities and perks than other renters. There are so many things to consider, but start with the area and the neighbors. You need to make sure your family is safe, so ensure that the neighborhood surrounding the complex you are considering is a good area for kids. Outside of safety, find out what your neighbors will be like. For example, you might not want to move your family into a complex right near a college where there are sure to be parties every night while the little ones are trying to sleep.

    Also, find out what type of kid friendly amenities different communities offer. Do they have a playground, a game room, a pool, or maybe even a movie theater? Perks like these make it easier to keep the kids entertained without having to spend money or even leave home.

    Don't be afraid to ask for specific units because you have kids. For example, there may be units over the gym or a mechanical shed that don't share walls with other units. Which is ideal in an apartment home. Or, an end unit may have a few more square feet and only share walls with one other apartment. You could pay a bit more for these perks, but a good nights sleep may well be worth it.

The perfect apartment is worth the search...

Finding the perfect Melbourne apartment or Daytona apartment is not going to be easy and may take a little research, but deciding what your value most is key. You will likely find that certain things are really important to you and others, well, maybe not as much as you originally thought. Sun State Apartments intuitive searching tools with help you narrow down the hundreds of apartments down there, to a handful of places that are PERFECT for you!

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