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Alexa Lash

A hardcore karaoker and occasional bowling enthusiast, Alexa considers herself just as random as Florida weather. When she isn't out with her friends, she's at home editing one thing or another---anything from romance novels to resumes. But Alexa didn't get into writing and editing for giggles; she studied Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida (when the knights were still "Golden"), then got her Master's in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College in Boston. At UCF, she was Communications/Volunteer Director for the board that renamed UCF's Dance Marathon to Knight-Thon. She was also in LEAD Scholars. AND she worked at the Subway in the gym and the Student Union for over two years as a sandwich artist (yes, she says, an artist). 

Originally from Miami, Alexa had to become a professional housing seeker. First it was the dorms, which was easy enough, but once she was forced out to find new digs, she had to improvise, getting awfully good at learning how to ask the right questions ("I don't have to walk really far to do my laundry anymore, do I?"). And once she made plans to move to Boston, she learned how to seek housing in a city three times more expensive than Orlando, and with even more complications ("'re serious? It doesn't come with it?"). At Emerson she even got to use her expertise in a training project for Poynter, where her team of professors and other Emerson employees researched healthy housing, and she interviewed students and strangers about their renter woes. 

Beyond the projects and the cross-country moves, Alexa writes poetry and likes to think she's good at it. She also sings in the shower.