Get to know…Titusville

Titusville is nestled between I-95 and the Indian River; an inter-coastal waterway.  Apartments in Titusville are also the closest place to live, to the Kennedy Space Center.  Titusville was named after Confederate Colonel Henry Theodore Titus, when he won the right to name the town in a domino game.  Colonel Titus also built the first hotel and gave the city land for the courthouse.

Things To Do In Titusville

Titusville is known for tow main things; the Kennedy Space Center and fishing.  Specifically the Mosquito Lagoon, considered by many to be the most diverse estuary in North America for Fish and Birds.  The World Famous Mosquito Lagoon is an acclaimed Red Drum fishing habitat and a well-known destination for nature tours and birdwatchers.  You can also stop by the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum and see some of the great aircraft of World War II.

Schools Serving Titusville

Schools serving Titusville include Sculpter Charter School, Oak Park Elementary School, Apollo Elementary School, Southlake Elementary School, Imperial Estates Elementary School, Coquina Elementary School, Riverview Elementary School, James Madison Middle School, Andrew Jackson Middle School, Astronaut High School, Titusville High School and Fieldston Preparatory School, as well as several private schools.

The Titusville Business Community

The economy of Titusville is mostly based on local businesses and the tourism industry; for Kennedy Space Center and fishing.  The Titusville areas biggest employers include the Parrish Medical Center, NASA,  The Boeing Company, and Space Gateway Support.  Also, a fishing guide aplenty can be found anywhere along the Indian River.

Shopping in Titusville

Downtown Titusville offers a nostalgic area of arts and crafts shops, clothing an consignment shops, Flower and gift shops; all close to popular restaurants and Riverside Park.  Close by is the Titusville Municipal Marina with a ships store and an area for viewing marine life, sometimes even Manatee.  For residents of Titusville apartments looking for bigger national stores; Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, and Target all have stores just minutes away.

Traffic And Driving In Titusville

There are two major roads running through Titusville; I-95 and US-1 or Washington Avenue.  Harrison Street, South Street, and Garden Street are the other main roads in Titusville.  Traffic near Titusville apartments usually means you just didn't make the traffic light.  Titusville is a great easy going place for families, singles, and retirees to live.

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