Tips for Making your Move Smooth

The big day has arrived. It is time to pack up and move to your new Melbourne or Daytona apartment. Getting settled into a new place can be fun, but only if you manage to keep the stress low. Lets be honest, the actual moving part is a pain, but setting your new Daytona or Melbourne apartment up is worth it. Use this information to make sure moving is as pain free as possible.

  • Plan Ahead!

    If you want to make moving as stress free as possible, start planning a few months ahead. There is more to moving to a new place than just physically moving yourself and your stuff. A few months before your move date start organizing and sorting through your belongings. Toss out things that you no longer use and begin packing out of season clothes and other non-essentials. You don't need to live out of a suitcase for three months, just box up items you don't need daily.

    A few weeks from your move date start packing and labeling items you use only occasionally. Plan meals carefully so you can use up the food in your fridge and hold off on major grocery shopping until after the move.

  • To Hire or Not to Hire?

    Wondering if you should hire a moving crew? That really depends on your situation. First, can you afford it? Moving is expensive enough with all the deposits and fees you have to shell out. Second, do you have the time? If you have enough time and able bodied friends willing to help, why waste your money paying for something you can do yourself? On the other hand, if you are strapped for time but not cash, hiring a moving crew can make your life much easier.

    If you do decide to hire a professional crew, make sure you hire licensed and insured movers. Ask friends and family members for their recommendations. Ask for an estimate and make sure to discuss their policy regarding damage to your belongings.

  • Think Ahead

    Keeping the stress of moving down requires little more than thinking ahead and being organized. As you pack, label each box with the room it needs to be in: “Dave's Closet” “Living Room” “Hall Closet”, and so forth. This will make unpacking considerably easier. Wrap fragile items well so you don't risk breaking them.

    Also, you need to plan ahead with large furniture. Measure to make sure it will fit in the truck you are using, or see if it can be taken apart. Does it fit easily through door ways, or do you have to finagle it through? How many flights of stairs will you need to go up or down?

  • What Not to Pack

    Essential paper work, including passports,birth certificates, and insurance papers, should never be packed. Keep important paper work with you when you move. You do not want to spend days searching through boxes to find vital information in the case of an emergency. Use a small filing box with a handle to keep documents close at hand, or pack them in your luggage. Just make sure you know where they are.

Just a little bit of organization can make your move go so much smoother. Take the time to be prepared.

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