How to survive a Zombie apocalypse in an apartment?

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The Haven
The Haven of West Melbourne has a beautiful fitness center. That is sure to be zombie free.
How to survive a Zombie apocalypse in an apartment.  1.  Don't open the door for anyone.  2.  Cover all your apartments windows, so the zombies can't see you.  3.  Do not play your Justin Bebier downloads at full volume.  Loud noises, especially bad ones, attrack zombies.  4.  Fill your bathtub up with water, so you have fresh water to drink.  5.  Sleep during the day as zombies are more active at night.  6.  Don't worry about bathing, BO helps cover your fresh brains scent.  7.  Hide out in the apartment communities fitness center, zombies don't care about their body shape anymore.  8.  If you have read this far; you are either about to be eaten by zombies or know more about zombies than we do.  Let your new apartment community know you found them on
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