Why Do Some Apartments Restrict Dog Breeds?

During your apartment search, you might have noticed that some apartments have a pet policy that states "breed restrictions apply." What exactly are breed restrictions, and why do they exist? Understanding each apartment's pet policy is a crucial step to finding the best fit for you and your dog. Here are several things should know about dog breed restrictions to help you during your apartment search. 

What are Breed Restrictions?

First thing's first, breed restrictions only apply to dog breeds. Breed restrictions limit which breeds of dogs renters are allowed to have at their apartment. Due to their size and the breed's history of aggression, some dog breeds are thought to be more harmful and dangerous than others. These breeds are often placed on an apartment's restriction list, prohibiting you from owning that breed while you live at the apartment. If you want to move in with a dog whose breed is on the restriction list, you will not be allowed to sign a lease.

Who Determines Breed Restriction?

Apartments aren't responsible for creating breed restriction list. Insurance companies use the data they've collected over the years to determine which breeds are more risky than others, and which breeds could be considered "high risk."

If tons of people in the United Stats file claims for a certain breed, that breed is more likely to wind up on a restriction list than a breed who rarely has insurance claims filed against it. Insurance companies will then provide their list to the apartments they work with, and those apartments will adopt the list into their pet policy.

In some instances, apartments elect not to have a breed restriction list at all. This means that all dog breeds are welcome at the apartment.

Which Breeds are Restricted? 

While there is no definitive breed restriction list that gets passed around from apartment to apartment, some of the most common breeds to be included on restriction lists are Pit Bull Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and wolf-hybrids. 

How Can I Find Out Which Breeds an Apartment Restricts?

If you plan or bringing your dog with you when you move, or if you're already living at an apartment and would like to adopt a dog, check with your apartment for more information on their pet policy as well as whether or not they restrict breeds. You could send the apartment community an email, or give them a call during their office hours to learn more. Remember, each restriction list is going to vary from apartment to apartment.

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