How can I find Melbourne apartments with washers and dryers?

As a college student who goes through more wardrobe changes in a day than some people might go through in seven days, I definitely know the importance of having clean clothes! Fortunately, most of the apartments in Melbourne have different laundry options so that you can make sure your wardrobe doesn't end up being worn again and again before you make it to a washer and dryer. Fortunately, you've got us here at to help you find the one of the many Melbourne apartments that's the perfect fit for you - with the perfect laundry situation!

The first step is going to the homepage. From there, you're going to hunt for a big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment" - it actually shouldn't take that much hunting. You will be redirected to a whole bunch of results regarding apartments in Melbourne. Don't feel overwhelmed - yes, there are over 300 options, but I'm here to help you find your way. When you look at the left hand side of the screen, you may seem confused about where washers and dryers fit in; they're kind of hidden. You'll have to click "Show advanced filters" to reveal them. You're now looking for "Appliances." Click that blue plus sign, and you'll get an expanded menu with all sorts of options. Do you want apartments in Melbourne with W/D Included, W/D Available, W/D Hookups, Laundry Facilities On-site, or any combination of these? Then all you have to do is check "Yes," and your search will ne narrowed down to only include Melbourne apartments that have them!

Sometimes, though, a washer and dryer is not enough. You may have more delicate clothing that requires a dry cleaner or laundromat. Fortunately, it's also really east to find out which apartments in Melbourne are also near these laundry facilities. Make your way back to and click that "Find Your Apartment" button once again. The option you're going to play with for this one is "Distance From a Location." Put in the address of your favorite laundry joint - or, if you don't have one, the one with the best reviews - and then adjust the mile range. You can be anywhere between 0 and 50 miles away from it. Once you've got that figured out, your search will be refined so that you only see Melbourne apartments that fall within that distance. No need to be far away from professional launderers (the good kind)!

I'll be the first to admit that I've pulled clothes out of the hamper - luckily, that is a fate you can avoid so long as you search through the different Melbourne apartments to find that perfect match for you. Like Cinderella and her slipper, you can find the washer and dryer combo that fit like they were made for you. Good luck in your apartment hunt - I know you'll find that perfect place for you!

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