I’m worried about my teenage son. How can I find an apartment in Daytona Beach within walking distance of a high school?

Hmm a teenage boy, that's a tough one. Boys are tough as it is and then once they get to that rebellious stage they're even harder to handle. All of that stress can be overwhelming, then on top of that, you have to find an apartment in Daytona, get set up with a job, get your son school chosen, and learn the new area. You could definitely use some help and we at SunStateApartments.com in Daytona want to help! Changing schools can be stressful for your son as well especially during this sensitive age where he I'm sure had established friendships that he now has to replace and scary adjusting to a new environment so having him nearby can be a great decision. On top of that, it makes things easier than having to worrying about rides and busses etc.

Have you done any research in regards to the high school options? If you haven't yet, you should probably start there. SunStateApartments.com in Daytona displays all high school options in the area in our easy apartment search guide if you need a list to start your research. Once you have a school or schools in mind that you want your son to attend, our easy apartment search guide on SunStateApartments.com in Daytona can help you find the perfect apartment in Daytona just minutes from the school of your choice!

We here at SunStateApartments.com in Daytona care about each one of our users and want to help in any way we can. So here's how you get started finding your new home. To begin your search for your apartment in Daytona, use the easy apartment search guide at SunStateApartments.com in Daytona, where you can use tons of different criteria in order to find the perfect new place for you. Those include such selections as: number of bedrooms, amenities, lease length, and rent price, just to name a few. Head to our homepage on SunStateApartments.com in Daytona and click on “Find Your Apartment”. Once you do, go down on the left to where it says “High Schools” check out the different schools available. Click on the school or schools that you'd like your new apartment in Daytona to be nearby. Another option is go to the section that says “Distance From a Location” and put in the address of the high school that you'd like your home to be nearby. Then slide the bar underneath to the amount of miles you'd like your apartment in Daytona to be away from that school. At this time, you can choose any other specifications you want in your new home like furnished or unfurnished, if they have a specific community amenity you need or want like a computer lab, if they are pet-friendly, or if they offer a certain type of apartment feature like an alarm system. Once you choose the specifications you desire, SunStateApartments.com in Daytona will populate the possibilities of the apartments in Daytona that are within walking distance of the high school that you desire.

Once you've completed your preferences, take some time and review the options that are left for your apartment in Daytona using our website. You could be left with multiple options from which to choose or just one for your apartment in Daytona. If you still have a few to choose from, you can call them up, find out what specials they offer, and schedule a tour to help you decide. To give you additional knowledge to help make your decision you can go out to the communities yourself to give you the opportunity to tour the property, tour a model unit, and take a walk from the property to the high school of your choice to see if the distance is comfortable for you. After you've done all that research, pick the one that you feel is the best fit for what you desire and move in today!


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