What can you tell me about Volusia County’s history?

So you are looking at moving into one of the apartments in Volusia County, but you would like to know more about the area and where it came from. You may be interested to hear that Volusia County has a rich history that extends back to its founding in 1854 and beyond.

Before settlers came to Volusia County, the area was inhabited by the Mayaca people, a Native American tribe with their own language and customs. There they lived for hundreds of years, moving around throughout the land wherever they pleased. They may have even stationed themselves near current Volusia County apartments for a time.

It wasn't until the Spanish came in 1566 that things started to change. Here the Spanish interacted with the Mayaca people, although unsuccessfully. The first person to make contact with the Mayacas was none other than Pedro Menendez de Aviles, the founder of St. Augustine. He and his people were warned not to continue further into Mayaca territory.

Relations eventually got better between the Spanish and Mayaca people, but it was a frustrating process. In order to settle the land that would become Volusia County apartments, stores, and restaurants, missionaries had to be established. The swampy terrain and reluctance of the Mayaca people to change their lifestyle became a problem. In the mid 1600's, a first mission was finally established, although little is known about it.

Things never got easy, as the Mayaca people continued to resist changing, with one incident resulting in the killing of a friar who tried to discipline Mayaca males for misbehaving. Some Mayaca fought against Spanish intrustion, while others became baptized. In the end however, most of the tribe was killed off by disease, as well as by other invading tribes that were pushed down south from the north.

In 1763, Florida had become a British Colony due to the Treaty of Paris at the end of the French and Indian War. During this time, the man who ruled over Volusia County and East Florida was named James Grant. Grant provided heavily for Florida, largely increasing the population of the soon-to-be state. Florida became popular for its open land, giving British citizens the chance to take advantage and create new farms and plantations.

When American won its independence from Britain in the revolution, Florida was transferred back to Spain in the Treaty of Versailles. Not much happened in Volusia County or anywhere in Florida during this period, as Spain had such a weak control over the territory to really make any changes. It would remain under Spanish control until 1821, when the United States would purchase Florida from Spain as a new territory.

Around thirty years later, in the division of Orange County on December 29, 1854, Volusia County would officially be founded. The area had a population of around 600 residents, who lived in more of a camp like environment rather than the nice apartments in Volusia County currently. The county was named after Camp Volusia, which in the time previous to the division had been the largest community.

It's interesting to think about what happened on the ground you live on. Who used to be here, who were the original residents of Volusia? The past has a lot to do with the future, and those who know it gain a great appreciation for where they are. There is a rich history here, and my hope is that while you live in the apartments in Volusia County that you come to appreciate all the history that is happened and is still happening today.

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