Am I going to get stuck in the middle of the tourist attractions if I live in Daytona?

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Are you worried that living in Daytona apartments will put you in the center of the city's tourism attractions? Daytona is undoubtedly known for its Spring Break festivities. However, the beach town has recently been able to escape the wrath of typical tourism traps.

Daytona beach is known to draw the attention of many individuals living in and out of the state of Florida throughout the months of February to November.  From bike week to NASCAR events, there is always something sort of event going on in the city. This may make it seemingly impossible to avoid the masses of visitors.

First note, that there are several months in the year that will be heavier with tourism then others. Bike Week, for example, draws out thousands of individuals to relish in the event. However, there will be more police officers and many other municipal officials working so that these types of events will not cause havoc in the city. Many residents who live in the area argue that they generally live a normal life in the area and rarely encounter the congestion.

Living in Daytona apartments near or on the water can make it difficult to escape the tourist in the area.  Just along the coast are the town's known entertainment spots such as the Ocean Walk Shoppes and the pier. Ocean Walk consists of a handful of restaurants, shops and bars. The sidewalk is filled with beachside hotels with plenty of parking. This particular area is deemed the tourist town. If you travel just outside of that, you may be able to dodge such bullets.

Just beyond the shore are several neighborhoods that are unknown to non-native folks. Port Orange is a Volusia County neighborhood that lies just outside of the Daytona Beach borders. Many families flock to this area for its convenience, nearby entertainment and outdoor recreational spaces. There is plenty of golfing, dinning and shopping to be head in the area as well as snorkeling and fishing. There are also chain hotels in the area, attracting some tourist overflow from Daytona Beach. However, this amount will not be so substantial as to create a noticeable difference in your day to day life.

Ormond Beach is another neighborhood near town. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, this region is less known for its tourism and more known for its superb beaches. There is plenty to do in this area that is accommodating to nearly all ages. These include boating, fishing, hiking, golfing and more.

Deland is popular nearby city from Daytona. Many love this town in alternative to Daytona Beach. While still having easy access to the coast, Deland invokes a small town feel while providing its residents with restaurants, shops and local supermarkets.

 Living just outside of the A1A Oceanwalk region of Daytona can help alleviate you from having to experience much of the crowds drawn in to the area each season. There are several neighborhoods just near the beach such as Port Orange and Ormond Beach that are well suitable and similar to the Daytona Beach area.
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