How do I find an apartment in a specific neighborhood?

There are countless apartments in Brevard County and apartments in Volusia County for you to choose from, so it makes sense that you would want to narrow it down by neighborhood. Maybe you're looking to live in your new home near family or friends, or it's closer to school or work so that you get to ease the weight of your commute. Whatever your reason can help you narrow down your search to just those Brevard County apartments or Volusia County apartments in the area you really want to live in!

It's actually really easy to do this search. Your first step is to go to the homepage. From here, you want to click that big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." You will then be taken to a list of over 300 options to play with the refine your search and thus find your perfect apartment from all the apartments in Brevard County and apartments in Volusia County. To pick which neighborhoods you are interested in living in, click the blue, plus sign next to "Neighborhood" to get the drop down menu (if you don't see it already, that is). You can click to check "All," but you can also pick and choose which neighborhoods you're interested in. Your search will automatically adjust to only include apartments in the areas you said you liked. Easy peasy!

"But Katie," you may ask yourself, "how do I learn more about these neighborhoods?" Don't worry. I've got your back. In that drop down menu I mentioned earlier, you will see that the different neighborhoods have little, blue circles next to them. When you click these, you'll be taken to a new page that tells you all about that particular neighborhood. Things to do, schools, shopping, business community, traffic and driving - you'll learn all these and more! This way you get some great insight into the different neighborhoods in which you can find those Volusia County apartments or Brevard County apartments.

If neighborhood is too broad, you can also choose to find only those apartments in Brevard County or apartments in Volusia County that are close to a specific address. That's super simple to take care of. Head on over to the main page, and click that "Find Your Apartment" button. Look on the side for "Distance From a Location." Click the blue plus button to extend it. Then you can enter an address as well as adjust the distance you're willing to live from it. You can choose anywhere from 0 to 50 miles, so you've got a lot of wiggle room there. Once you're done, your search will only include the Brevard County apartments or Volusia County apartments that fall within your acceptable distance.

We definitely suggest checking out the neighborhoods for yourself if you can, but if not, can provide you with loads of information so that you find the right place and right neighborhood for you!

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