How safe is an apartment to live in?

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Legacy Hibiscus Park
Legacy Hibiscus Park has apartments with an alarm system in place.
An apartment is as safe as any rental home, possibly even safer.  Good Management companies do the correct things to make their communities as safe as possible.  They do criminal background checks on every person moving in to the community.  Make sure there is adequate lighting and if necessary security patrols.  Just because a community has a security gate; doesn't mean it is safer or less safe.  The gate helps control unneccesary traffic, but if someone is determined to commit a crime the gate will not stop them.  The best way to be safe is to follow general rules of safety.  Always lock your car, your doors, and windows.  Don't leave valubles in your car, especially were they can be seen.  Don't open your door to people you don't know.  Don't leave the front door open when you take your dog for a walk.  Let the management company know if there are any lights out,  people hanging out in the parking lot, or any general concerns you might have.  Stay safe, be alert to your surroundings.
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