I’m not getting along with my roommates in my Daytona apartment, what can I do?

I’m sorry to hear things aren’t working out for you and your roommates. It’s tough sharing your space let alone your power, cable, internet and water bills. Unfortunately, you are limited in what you can do since you have signed a legal contract, the lease for your apartment in Daytona. Take a breath though, there are some options that are available and hopefully one will work out for you. First, if you haven’t tried talking to your roommates, that may be a good start. Sometimes problems are just a miscommunication that if you just discuss it, it could resolve itself. It may take a little work, but in the long run it might be a whole lot less effort and time than the other options.

If you’ve tried that and that hasn’t fixed the issues then next I would suggest going to the Property Manager or Leasing Manager of the community in Daytona where you live and explaining your concerns about you and your roommates. They may be willing to either move you or your roommate/s to a new unit within the community, that is, if one is available. Keep in mind, that even if you move, you will most likely still have roommates that you will have to learn to get along with as well as you could be charged a fee for transferring to a new unit in your community in Daytona, but you also may get lucky and end up with roommates who are a better fit your lifestyle.

Another option, if transferring to a different apartment in Daytona doesn’t work, you can try to sublease your room. You can either do that through the management office or on your own. This will be beneficial in that you can move out without still having to pay rent for your current room. There are some potential issues with a sublease though. One potential issue could be if you decide to just have them pay you the rent and you pay the office that they could decide to stop paying, leaving you on-the-hook for the rent on top of your rent for your current place. If you actually sign the lease over through the management office to the new person, you could be assessed a fee for the transfer.

Roommates are hard, so that’s why roommate matching is so incredibly important and a lot of apartments in Daytona offer roommate matching. To find apartments in Daytona that offer roommate matching you can just use our easy apartment search guide on SunStateApartments.com in Daytona. In the future, you can really work with your management office for your apartment in Daytona and tell them what kind of roommate you are looking for and the type of person you are and make sure to be as honest as possible. They are going to do their best to find the person that is going to be the most appropriate for your lifestyle whether that be the partyer or the diligent student. It will only help you in the future.


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