My boyfriend and I are moving to Melbourne. Are there any apartments that offer price by apartment so we can just split it down the middle?

Living with others is a great way to save money and of course, a great way to be able to save those few free minutes in a day together even if it's just in passing or for dinner. Not only are you making that wonderful choice, but you also are picking a great area to continue your life together. Melbourne is one of the fastest growing cities in Brevard County which is continuing to expand in not only its residential areas but also in its retail and business park areas. This area will give you plenty of choices for your date nights. Now, back to your Melbourne apartment, you do have two choices, you have rent based on price by room or price by apartment. In the long run, renting by apartment is typically cheaper, but some have concerns about relying on another person to pay their half. If you're comfortable enough in your relationship and want to rent by apartment, then we here at in Melbourne, are here to help!

First, I would use our easy apartment search guide tool on in Melbourne to break down your choice of new apartment in Melbourne into a few options by choosing apartment communities and units with leases that include price by apartment instead of individually by room. You can do this by first clicking “Find Your Apartment” on in Melbourne and then down on the left-hand side you'll see the different criteria. You'll see the top section listed on the left-hand side as two tabs showing “Price by Apartment” and “Price by Room”. Go ahead and click on the tab that shows “Price by Apartment” which is typically the one that shows when you get to the page. Then, look below and you'll see there are numbers listed. Decide what you consider affordable for you and your boyfriend to split. Once you do, move the triangles so that they demonstrate the range of rental rates that you can reasonably afford. Once you finish, in Melbourne will populate all of the available communities that offer units in that price range. Through in Melbourne's apartment search guide you can also search for other criteria that you are looking for like: number of bedrooms, if it's pet-friendly, or other community or unit amenities that you'd like in your new apartment in Melbourne.

Once you've completed your specifications for your search for your apartment in Melbourne, in Melbourne will populate all of the options available that fit the criteria you've requested. Take this opportunity to review each community and see where they are located, what they offer, and what their cost is for what you're getting. Once you get your choices down to a select few or even if it's just one, contact them and find out if they offer any specials and maybe even schedule a tour of the property and maybe even their model unit, if they have one. Finally, something as simple as driving through the neighborhood yourself, during both day and night, will give you a good idea if this is going to be the right neighborhood for you and your lifestyle. It will also cut down on any surprises you might have that you wouldn't have known had you not gone and looked for yourself.


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