I have 2 dogs; will I need to pay a double pet fee at apartments in Daytona?

It’s very smart to take your two furry friends into consideration while searching for apartments in Daytona. Just remember, while you love your pets and think they are the cleanest, friendliest, most well-behaved pooches on the block, your new apartment office may not believe so. It’s only because they have seen the damage that these canine companions can cause, so that’s why they may offer you double the pet fee each month.

A pet fee is an additional payment separate from your rent. Most apartments in Daytona can just include this in with your final bill, while some may ask for a separate payment. This fee is up to the discretion of the community. Typically, pet fees range anywhere from $15 to $50 extra per month. This can be per dog or per household. It really just depends on the community's decision.

Apartment life for dogs can be rough sometimes. Many dogs may flourish in a smaller space, but a lot of breeds were meant for running outdoors in wide open spaces. This causes some of them to act out, make messes and destroy property. This is the number one reason why apartments in Daytona may ask for double the pet fee for double the pets. They want to be assured that they will be able to cover the costs of repairs for when you and your furry family moves out. Replacing the carpet is probably the biggest reason. Not only do multiple pets have multiple accidents, their fur and dander is trapped in the fabric of the carpet. Your dogs could have been as well-behaved and potty trained as a human, but if the next person who moves in has a pet allergy, then the carpet will need to be replaced.

When you are searching for apartments in Daytona, be sure to ask if they are pet friendly. You may also want to ask what types of pets they allow and make sure that they allow dogs. Some communities may allow cats but not dogs. Some don’t accept pets at all. These are very important questions you need to ask before making a final decision. If your dream apartment does allow dogs, make sure they allow you to have more than one. Apartments can often limit the number of pets, size and breed. Again, these are things you will need to find out before signing any paperwork.

Be aware that your pets will need to grow accustomed to an apartment lifestyle. You will need to get them on a walk schedule to avoid unwanted accidents on the carpet. You will need to establish their sleeping and eating area. If your Daytona apartment has stairs, make sure your dogs are able to make it up and down with ease. Older dogs may need to be on the bottom floor to avoid stairs. Also, smaller dogs may need to be carried up and down the stairs, especially if there are gaps.

Many apartments in Daytona may just ask for one pet fee per unit, regardless of the number of dogs you bring. If this is the case, they may or may not ask for a larger pet deposit up front, to cover the cost of any damages that the monthly pet fee does not cover.

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