I hate bugs. Do apartments in Daytona have pest control?

Yuck! We're getting the creeps just thinking about bugs. Be aware though, that bugs are pretty prevalent in the Daytona area and in general, all around Florida. Be prepared to experience palmetto bugs, mosquitos, love bugs, and of course, all your usual ants, flies, and other insects.

Love bugs are harmless, and annoying, creatures. They just seem to hang out in the air in large quantities. You will often find them during a particular season, usually 3-5 weeks starting in May and again in September. You typically won't find them in your apartment in Daytona, unless by chance, they happened to float in there when you opened your door. They typically get all over your car, which can be frustrating, especially since due to their body content, they can take the paint right off your car if left long enough.

Now, back to the bugs that would be problematic in your apartment in Daytona. The ones you need to be concerned about are ants, roaches, palmetto bugs, and termites. Usually the ants you'll find in your home are just annoying; they get into food and cause you to have to throw it out. Roaches and palmetto bugs are also more-so just annoying. A “palmetto bug” may be new to you if you aren't from Florida, and you may even have tried to google it. Well, to help you out, a palmetto bug is a term used here in the south for large, winged, adult cockroaches. They received their name because they are typically found in palmetto plants. You will usually find these creatures in the damp areas of your home like bathrooms or in your screened-in porches. Don't worry, as disgusting as these bugs are, they won't hurt you. Finally, termites are the most problematic. Not only are they gross, but they lost to eat the internal structure of wood which can cause serious expenses and also a safety issue. If you start to notice any saw dust-like shavings near wood in your unit or mud-looking tunnels, inform your leasing office immediately.

Don't fret too much! Most apartments in Daytona offer pest control to help minimize the amount of unwelcome guests you get in your home. A way to check is to use our easy apartment search guide on SunStateApartments.com in Daytona. This awesome search tool will help decrease the options of new places to live by selecting communities and units that offer pest control to residents. To begin your search you can click “Find Your Apartment” on our SunStateApartments.com in Daytona homepage. Then, down on the left-hand side you'll see the different criteria from which you can mold your new home. Go ahead and make your preferences for your new apartment in Daytona, the site will automatically limit the options to the apartments in Daytona that have exactly what you're looking for in your new place. Some examples of popular preferences are: rental rates, number of bedrooms, lease length, or other unit or community amenities that you'd like in your home.

At this time, SunStateApartments.com in Daytona has provided you with the options for your new apartment in Daytona. Take a look at them and see where they're located, what they offer, and what they charge for rent. Once you have and feel comfortable with one or a few selections, call them up and inquire about their pest control. You can find out what service they use, how frequently they come out, and what bugs they protect against. Once you have, pick the apartment or apartments in Daytona you think is the top choice on our site and get this new phase in your life started!


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