Is Ormond Beach a friendly neighborhood?

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Oaks of Lakebridge
Oaks of Lakebridge is located near Ormond Beach.

Of course! If you are searching for apartments near Daytona with an inviting appeal, Ormond Beach is the perfect place! When searching for Daytona apartments suitable for a family, Ormond Beach is definitely worth looking into. Although this neighborhood is just outside of the Daytona Beach area, its location is highly beneficial for those with families.

Ormond Beach is a favorite neighborhood amongst Volusia County residents. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, this part of town reflects more of a laid back environment. Although this specific neighborhood is smaller than some of the surrounding subdivisions, many are drawn to Ormond Beach's quaint-like appeal. The small town vibe, however, does not keep it from enjoying much of the revitalization-taking place in the area. Recently, the town has undergone construction that has brought out the neighborhood's strong artistic influence to light. These include to subdivisions equipped with parks, grocery stores and coffee shops.

Aside for the town's superb beaches, this part of town also captures the essence of a family-friendly atmosphere.  There is plenty to do throughout Ormond Beach that is accommodating to nearly all ages. From boat, hiking, golf, fishing, the town has a little something for everyone. If you are one who is keen to taking advantage of the outdoors, Ormond Bicentennial Park is a population recreational spot in the city. The park stretches across the Atlantic Ocean to the Haifax River, covering five ecological systems. The park offers visitors covered picnic areas, tennis courts, softball fields, and fishing peers.

Additionally, there are a handful of grade schools located near the neighborhood. Students in the area get to select from private and public education.  Schooling options extend from the immediate coast of the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the inland region.  As for colleges nearby, Daytona College is just near the neighborhood. However, if a recent high school graduate is looking to be a little further from home, University of Central Florida is just a little over an hour away. Ormond Beach also has its own hospital and plenty of doctor's offices throughout town.

Housing seems to be quite affordable in the city, especially for living near the beach or taking up property near the River. These apartments near Daytona come in a variety of types, differing in blue prints, sizes and styles. From million dollar homes to one-bedroom lofts, there are a variety of properties to choose from.

There are also several other benefits to living in this part of the city. Homes in this part of Volusia County are located near I-95, allowing commutes to and from work to be much easier.

Overall, if you are wondering whether or not apartments near Daytona are within a family-friendly atmosphere, the answer is yes! There are plenty of thing to do near the area, without having to sacrifice living in a small-graced town. There are great schools within the neighborhood, as well as a hospital and plenty of entertainment. Homes located near the coast also have access to I-95, allowing residents to easily travel in and out of the town.

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