What type of neighborhoods are in Melbourne?

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Timber Trace is located in Titusville near Sunset lakes.

Melbourne apartments are located in one of Florida's best kept secrets—Brevard County. There are over twenty-three neighbors throughout the larger sized coastal city, ranging from suburb utopias to serene sunset lakes.

Far from the touristy-town that is often expected of the city, many are surprised to find that Melbourne, Florida is an inviting town. From Space Coast Parkway to Palm Bay, new residents are quickly relocating to this expansive city.

If you are one of those new comers moving to the Brevard County area, you may be wondering what the town has to offer. More importantly, you are probably trying to discover where you should live. In order to determine which part of the costal town may be best for you, it is always helpful to learn about what each neighborhood has to offer.

Like most towns, when beginning your search, you will quickly find that several neighborhoods stand out against their rest, either due to their popularity or convenience. Here, we will give you a brief outline on these well-known neighborhoods.


Viera is arguably the most popular place to live. When searching for your Melbourne apartments, this named district will often keep reappearing. Why, you ask? Viera is the town's suburb utopia. Located on a golf course, this residential neighborhood is located in the most convenient part of the city.  In addition to offer dozens of sub neighborhoods within its district, the home types and subdivisions differ. Viera generally gives their residents little to no reasons to ever leave town. There is exception dinning and shopping within the district as well as several medical parks within the region such as Hospitals, family physicians and VA clinics.

The grade schools in Viera are ranked at an “A” level and range from elementary to high school education. There is plenty for you and your family to do in the area such as attending the zoo, joining any of the community's recreational sports team such as soccer, tennis or flag football. If you every wanted to remain walking distance from Melbourne apartments, you could easily take advantage of the community's recreational hiking trails.

Sunset Lakes/Titusville

Sunset Lakes is located near the Palm-Bay, Melbourne and Titusville area. This is one of the larger neighborhoods in the region, however, it is one of the lesser congested and more mild parts of town. The majority of residents here tend to be more home owners than renters, but there are many rental properties in the region. The population is comprised of a diverse background and age, almost 50% of the population is 50 years old or younger. Sunset Lakes is a little further off of the path of major roadways, which causes the commute time to be a little longer than other nearby neighborhoods.  However, it is just off of the coast and many homes often get to enjoy a beautiful sea breeze and costal view.

Overall, there are plenty of places to living when moving to the Brevard County area. However, like most cities, there are several profound and popular places to live. Many find that Viera and the Sunset Lakes-Titusville neighborhoods to be quite accommodating.

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