I’m an avid golfer. Are there any apartments in Melbourne that are near a golf course?

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Preserve at Longleaf
Preserve at Longleaf is located 4 miles or less from Mallards Landing Golf Course so it's a quick drive to go work on your game.

When moving to a new area you have to think of what you need, what you want, where you want to be located, and then on top of all that where to get started searching once you figure out the answers to those questions. It can be extremely frustrating! Well, don't worry! We can help. So, now you've answered one of those questions as to where you want to be located in Melbourne. Melbourne offers plenty of recreational areas and parks so finding a golf course will be easy. There are a few to choose from: Duran Golf Club, Baytree National Golf Links, and Mallards Landing Golf Course. While you are finding an apartment in Melbourne near a golf course, you can also figure out what you need and want in your home as well. Here's how you get started once you have an idea of some of the things you are looking for in your new apartment in Melbourne. SunStateApartments.com in Melbourne can help you find the perfect apartment in Melbourne near a golf course.

Head over to SunStateApartments.com in Melbourne and use our easy apartment search guide which allows users to narrow down their search using plenty of different criteria so that you find the right Melbourne apartment for you. The different categories you can choose from are: number of bedrooms, rental rates, community amenities and if it's near a particular location like a golf course. To get started go ahead and click where it says “Find Your Apartment” and then down on the left-hand side you'll see the different criteria listed. Go to the section that says “Distance from a location” and then enter the address of a golf course you believe you'll frequent, I listed a few in the first paragraph. You can choose one after researching which one will be the best fit for you based on services offered, location in Melbourne, and quality of the course. After you put in the address, then slide the bar underneath to the amount of miles you'd like your apartment in Melbourne to be away from that golf course. As we discussed previously this is also an opportunity to find other amenities or features you'd like in your new place. These can be thigns like: furnished or unfurnished, pet-friendly options, you're looking for something near public transportation, or something that's green-friendly.

Once you select the different criteria that you want in your apartment in Melbourne our easy apartment search guide on SunStateApartments.com in Melbourne will populate all of the options in Melbourne that fit what you specified that you would like in your new home. Review the options listed through our website and if you need to do a little more research, you can just call up the different communities that you like and schedule a tour, find out what they offer, and if they offer any specials. You can also just go out to those apartments in Melbourne yourself and take a look at the property and a model unit and see its proximity to Mallards Landing or whichever golf course you choose. Once you feel confident that you know which apartment in Melbourne is the best fit, pick that one and start working on your golf swing today!


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