I'm a big fan of BBQ. How do I find a Melbourne apartment with a grill?

Oh, I definitely hear you on that one. Nothing is better in that wonderful south Florida sunshine than putting on your chef's apron, grabbing all the essential ingredients (Don't forget the meat!), stepping outside your Melbourne apartment, and spending some quality time at the grill. Yeah, you will probably work up a sweat - especially in the summer time - but there is something so satisfying about putting on some burgers or brots and adding a little bit of this and that until they come out just the way you like them - perfect. Mmmm, just writing about all of this is making my mouth water.

The quickest and easiest way to find an apartment in Melbourne that has the grill for your barbecue needs is using SunStateApartments.com. The apartment guide is really intuitive, and it lets you search by countless features, such as distance from a location, lease lengths by month, sports & fitness, and so much more. What you are going to want to do is click "Find Your Apartment" on the main page - you can't miss the big green button! You will then be given a list of over 300 qualities to narrow down your search. Work your way through that list on the left-hand side of the screen until you get to "Community Features." Click the plus button to extend a drop down menu that allows you to say that you are in fact looking for a community BBQ grill, an outdoor kitchen, a picnic area or all of the above. All you have to do is click the button that says yes, and your search will automatically be limited to only Melbourne apartments that have the grill station you've been craving as much as you crave a good brisket.

However, just because you are a big fan of BBQ doesn't mean you always want to go out and grill it yourself - especially if the sunshine has left the sky for some of that rain we're prone to get! Fortunately for you, Melbourne has tons of great restaurants that can offer you some tasty grilled goods to get that BBQ fix you have been looking for. You can always see how close different Melbourne apartments are to these places by using the apartment guide as well - how handy is that? This time after clicking "Find Your Apartment" on the SunStateApartments.com homepage, you should see an option on the left-hand side that says "Distance from a Location." Click that little plus button, then put in the address of the BBQ joint you just can not wait to try. Adjust how many miles you would like to be away from it - ranging from 0 to 50 - and click okay. Voilà! You now have new homes to choose from where you know you can get some delicious barbecue, even if you can't necessarily make it yourself.

Good luck with your search for that perfect place (and grill) to call your very own!

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