What is it like living in Daytona?

Are you wondering what its like to live in Daytona apartments?  Once known as the spring break utopia, Daytona's unruffled sand and surf has become a complex melting pot filled with Old Florida fun. 

Often recognized as a peninsula, Daytona is actually a barrier island split into two parts by the Halifax River. These divided regions are known as the mainland or beachside. Although a few parts of town overlap into both area, you will commonly find yourself referring to Daytona apartments as located in either one or the other region.

The city of Daytona is comprised of twenty-three miles of beach. Similar to most typical costal city, the area is fairly laid back and invoked with a small town vibe.  Don't expect a sprawl of urbanization in this area. In fact, Daytona's downtown consists of a few growing stores of banks, restaurants, and surf shops. This lack of industrialization, however, relieves commuters of having to endure any sort of traffic. Most of the town's main bars and hangouts are located along Seabreeze Boulevard, just outside of the beach.

This Volusia County city is not just made up of only surfers, although outdoor activities are plentiful in the area. In Daytona, beach goers coexist with business professionals and the average age of the town is quite low, as many new families have been attracted to the area.

Albeit there are many outdoor activities to engage in near Daytona apartments such as fishing, surfing and kayaking, some complain that the town has very little to do as far as nightlife and attractions go. Keep in mind that this is beach town and many of the entertainment focuses around the city's natural assets. That being said, Orlando is only sixty miles away at the most and there are dozens of attractions there.

Housing seems to be quite affordable in the city, especially for living so close to the Atlantic Ocean. There are dozens of housing varieties in the town as well. These types of homes can range from condos, apartments, single-family homes and more. Daytona is arguably much more affordable than nearby cities such as Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami.

The Sunshine state provides the costal city with mild winters and warm summers, averaging a cool 73 degrees year round. Do not expect to experience a changing of seasons here. The East coast will rarely see freezing temperatures, however, residents in the area do get to enjoy the beach nearly year round.

In all, Daytona apartments are surrounding by a relaxed atmosphere. There are some parts of town that do offer shopping and dinning, however, these areas are quite limited. Most residents in this coastal area spend the majority of their days outdoors enjoying Florida's Sunshine and warm weather. Housing is quite affordable in Daytona Beach, especially in comparison to other local cities.

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