I'm a student. How do I find Daytona apartments with individual leases?

As a fellow student, I definitely know that it can be tricky to get into a new housing situation, especially when it comes to trying to divide up rent. You'll be able to avoid some major drama between roommates if you choose to go with Daytona apartments that have individual leases - and there are plenty for you to choose from! No need to stress over anymore than you already have to with school. We'll help you find your dream place with a lease that's just your own.

It's actually really simple to look into which apartments in Daytona offer individual leases. Just go to SunStateApartments.com. Don't get distracted by all the cool things we have going on - you can always come back and look at them. For now, you want to focus on that big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." From here, you'll want to scroll past the literally hundreds of options. You'll get to the bottom of the screen, but don't fret - click "Show advanced filters." From the new list of options you get, click the blue, plus sign next to "Student Housing Options." You now have the option to search for only those Daytona apartments that have "Individual Leases (By the Bed)." If you click yes, your search will adjust to just include the apartments in Daytona that have this. So easy!

I know what you're thinking, though. What if you just don't want to deal with roommates at all - not just with splitting up the rent, but having to take care of cleaning and noise volumes and who knows what else! Fortunately, you can just as easily find apartments in Daytona that are solely one-bedroom, so you can enjoy piece of mind as well as peace and quiet. Head back to SunStateApartments.com and find that trust "Find Your Apartment" button. This time, you get to stay at the top of the page. Go to "Number of Bedrooms" and click the blue, plus sign (if it isn't already clicked). You can choose from studio apartments, as well as anywhere between one and four bedrooms - you can even set a range of what you're okay! Once you've decided, your search will automatically adjust itself to only include apartments in Daytona that also have the number of bedrooms you're looking for. No sweat at all!

Being a student is hard enough on its own without you having to worry about roommate issues and rent problems. That's why you have all of us at SunStateApartments.com trying to help you out. We know that there are a lot of apartments in Daytona, and one of them is calling your name - you just have to find it! Be sure to look around the site and play with the other features so that you find your dream place. And if you have any other questions, please feel free to shoot them our way!

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