Can I have guests stay for the Holidays?

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Rivercrest has spacious apartments for guests to stay.
If you are the only person from your family living in Florida, chances are, they are going to want to come and visit you.  Especially for the Holidays!  Who wouldn't want to come to Florida in the middle of winter, when it is 10 below up north.  Unless you live in an age restricted community, like a retirement facility, or student housing; you can have overnight guests.  If it is longer than a couple of nights, check what your lease says.  Most leases say that someone staying in your apartment more that __x__ number of continuous nights must be listed on the lease.  They also have to pass the same background screening that you did when you moved in.  But your not moving them in, you just have them staying with you for a few days.  Something that a lot of communities have started offering are furnished guest apartments, that you can reserve like a hotel room.  They are usually a little bit more expensive than a hotel, but they are fully furnished including the kitchen and laundry room.  Which is great if you live in a studio or a one bedroom, your family can come and stay on property with you and have plenty of room, but maybe not have to rent a car.  Also, ask your management team if they have any deals with nearby hotels.  They usually have some kind of deal set up, in case of some unusual emergency that they need to put a resident in a hotel for a night.  Remember, as always, it is your apartment and the management company is there to help you; the customer.
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